German quality

Well, after a long spell of rain, snow, ice, and more snow, we are back into the season with a bang.  Kicking off the year in style is this 2008 Burstner T625, on a rare Renault chassis, and even rarer automatic, with only 20k on the clock.


What we have here is a one owner from new, high end, high quality German built Burstner, using a mix of the normal build materials that are common place for this great manufacture.  The standard steel painted Renault cab, coupled with an aluminium body, and a GRP rear panel.  This was booked in for our Restoration service due to the age, and the owners were not really sure what it needed, or what to expect.  They’d owned this beauty from new, and any issues are often hard to notice in these situations, simply because they deteriorate so slowly, that the owners often don’t see what we see straight away.  The cab and front roof was ok, due to the fact it was a paint and lacquer, and this system tends to not fade, but the body was all the usual dull faded, cloudy problems we see all the time on Motorhomes of this age, and sadly much, much newer.

You might just make out what looks like streaks under the window corners and from the roof, but this actually isn’t the usual streaks that Caravans and Motorhomes are so notorious for.  We’ve explained this in previous blogs, but it’s where the water naturally runs down the sides from certain points, and actually takes the oxidation with it, leaving those visible lines that are shiny.  It’s the rest of the side panels that are dull, and that’s what we are here to tackle.  The rear panel on this was full GRP, and totally dull.


As people have come to expect from Tourershine, this is the finished result.  However, the lovely owners of this Motorhome didn’t actually know what to expect.  They had no idea how bad it had got over the years, and no idea what it would look like after we finished.  Thankfully they were out most of the day we were working, and had a rather nice surprise when we called them back.  In their words the Motorhome looked as good as the day they collected it new in 2008.  We’d fixed the only issues they knew about, and a lot more!  We knew it would be a pretty drastic transformation because we do so many Motorhomes that are faded, and tired looking, but I think because this had a slightly different mix of colours, from the nice painted cab, to the Blue bottom, this one was just a tiny bit more special from the norm.