Goodbye Old, Hello New…

It’s with a heavy heart that we recently let our 2015 Vivaro work vehicle go.  She had covered almost 100,000 miles in the 2 years we owned her, and it served it’s purpose almost perfectly, other than several issues that caused some concern for the reliability.  We decided earlier through the ownership of the Vivaro, that although it drove lovely, we wouldn’t be buying another one.  After carefully weighing up the options of better quality, and hopefully far more reliable brands, we chose the formidable 2017 VW Transporter T6.



My business trades on my reputation for the highest quality work, and our vehicles have to match this reputation, so a lot of thought and work goes into my vans to make them stand out, and give my customers that amazing first impression from the outset.  This is obviously a theme that follows throughout Tourershine, with our matching uniforms, right down to our invoices.  This is the attention to detail we are known for, and this is what my customers have come to expect, along with our reputation for end results!


The T6 comes pretty nice from the factory, but what would we be if we just left it as Volkswagen designed it?     So we didn’t…

The van was lowered by 30mm to give a more aggressive stance and much better handling, then a set of stunning 19″ Savini wheels were added.  We then had our sign writer add whats known as an ‘Edition’ stripe along the bottom to incorporate the Tourershine logo.  The van was then taken to our carpenter, who designed a custom built bulkhead and racking system to house all my scaffolding, ladders, tools, products, second row of seats, and most importantly the famous Nespresso machine as you can see below.


Finally we got our hands on her and took the T6 straight into our friends at REO Motors bodyshop in Oadby, Leicester.  Where I removed all the bare exterior plastics from the bumpers, grills, side repeaters, mirrors, and any other unpainted plastics that VW had left what we think look ‘unfinished’  These were then all painted in a Gloss Black to give that much more luxurious look, and more importantly they are far easier to clean and wax.  The van was then passed back to myself and Lee, where we could add our final finishes.  This is the critical stage where we will go over the full van and machine polish any defects from the last few weeks of work, including any transportation damage that occurred before the handover.  Once we were happy the full van was 100% we then applied a Ceramic coating to just the roof area and all 4 wheels, because we are currently testing these products.  We then applied a full Tourershield coating to the rest of the vehicle to protect our work, and the finished vehicle looks stunning.

Many people would say this is far to over the top for a ‘work van’ but I disagree.  Our vans are our business.  They are the first thing a customer sees when we arrive, they are often a talking point, and they show we have pride in our work.  What people often don’t see is the hours of work put into these vehicles, from all the work above, to the daily cleaning and detailing we carry out to our van, so that each and every customer knows they are just as important as the last.  This is why we are going into our 11th year, and this is why I love my job!