Hens Teeth..

Yes, rare as the proverbial teeth that hens don’t actually have anyway, so it’s a daft quote. However, todays blog is as rare, but not as daft.  So rare that we’ve never worked on one in our 10 years, and i’ve only ever seen one other at a show for VW’s


Here we have a 2005 VW LT35, built by the famous Karmann, who are renowned in the VW scene.  This may look to most people, like a normal Motorhome, but when do we see a collaboration with a quality company like Karmann, and a beast of a VW LT in the UK??   For all intensive purposes, this was just a Motorhome resto, to us.  The body was full GRP, as per usual constructions, the cab was normal steel and paint, the windows were exactly the same acrylic that we work on every day, yet this job gave myself and Lee a little buzz to be working on something just a tiny bit different.

There was an obvious quality feel with this vehicle, that you’d expect from a joining of two such great brands.  Yes, the GRP, was as dull as a chalk board, and yes the cab lacked any shine or lustre before we got hold of her, but that’s all standard for the boys at Tourershine, and something we deal with every single day.


The finish after our Restoration service was exceptional, and could easily be mistaken for a 2017 Motorhome, and not one that is now 12 years old!  but as all my other blogs make obvious, making something that’s tired, look new is just what we do.


We didn’t get to meet the owner of this stunning Motorhome, and because it was stored indoors, we were able to deal directly with the storage owner, so the actual owner didn’t need to take time out of work to deal with us.  Thankfully our reputation is so, that this is becoming more common place with us now, and owners feel confident that they can give us an address, power and water, and a set of keys, a text when we are up and running, a text when we are finished, and a bank transfer to pay the invoice, and life is as simple as you can want for an owner.  The owner has now been and gone after a full inspection of our work, and a quick late night text to myself to express his obvious overjoy with the finished job (thankfully phone on silent)  and it’s another Tourershine job well done…

On the subject of rarely.  One of our upcoming blogs will be an even rarer 1990 VW Karmann Gipsy Syncro, that is a reported 1 of only 30 in the UK.  (no we are not VW specialists, but it’s getting there)