One of the problems that effect both Caravans and Motorhomes is what we refer to as ‘yellowing’.  It’s where the overall surfaces of a job have a tarnished finish that is often described as looking yellow.  This is normally down to 2 things.  The incorrect use of certain chemicals, or a general lack of any regular cleaning.


This 2010 Autotrail belongs to the owners of the popular World of Motorhomes website.  A very interesting website full of useful information for anything Motorhome related.  They called us and explained that they used their Motorhome for shows, and holidays, and it was in constant use, which made general maintanance to the exterior something that they just didn’t often have the time to do.  One of the main complaints was they thought it was looking very tired and the panels had a ‘yellow’ finish.  I explained over the phone that this was something we’d seen dozens of times and we should be able to fix this problem.

As expected upon arrival and after a close inspection, the Motorhome was just in the normal state of inconsistent whites, and dull fibreglasses.  The yellowing was more than likely down to the constant use and lack of cleaning.  This effected mainly the GRP side panels and the notorious Autotrail rear fibreglass panel.  I say notorious because they were constructed from a sheet of very thin and flexible GRP that’s prone to premature fading.  Along with the overhead habitation panel above the windscreen (front bubble) and the steel cab oxidising as per usual.


As both the above pictures can clearly show, we managed to Restore this huge monster back to it’s factory condition.  We asked the owner to pop out and look at the progress half way through the job, to point out how bad it actually was.  He was understandably staggered.  6hrs of solid machine polishing, coated with a wax protection and finishing with a meticulous detailing, this 2010 Autotrail looked as good as new and the owner was over the moon with the finish.  (even some of his neighbours that had seen the progression through their windows came out to comment on the finished job.

Once again, showing off our Restoration service at it’s finest, and proving for around £450-£600 it’s a far cheaper option than the cost of changing the vehicle.