Holy Moly it’s another one..

Yes, folks it’s yet another rare VW Motorhome!  We seem to be getting quite the reputation with these things, and somewhere out in the internet world our work keeps getting noticed.

This time it’s a T5 Karmann Colorado that we were asked to help restore the lustre back to.  As per usual, we found all we’d come to expect from pretty much any Motorhome manufacture.  Dull patchy GRP sides, dull overhead bubble, and the added bonus of a poor quality side paint job that needed a lot of attention.


As you’ve come to expect from the Restoration service, we were more that able to return the dull bubble back to it’s former glory, and apply a coat of sealant to block out the sun’s UV damage.  The shape of this particular VW was actually quite challenging to reach right across, but we prevailed.


The finished job look 100 times better than before we started, and the customer was as per usual happy with the finished result.  These Karmann Motorhomes may be unusual, and rare, but they are no different to any other Motorhome we do on a daily basis, so all in our stride.