Discoloured Motorhome..

Today we have a very interesting job to share, a 2010 Pilote A-Class.  This job makes it a little more personally interesting for myself, because I own the 2015 version of this Motorhome, and they are not exactly the most common Motorhome we Restore. (possibly why I chose this manufacture for myself)

My customer contacted us to ask if we could help with her front panel.  The picture below doesn’t need a great deal of an introduction, because the problem is rather obvious.


This was the photo I was sent to determine if we could fix her front panel discolouration, or advise that it would need re-painting.  It’s sometimes quite hard to work out if we can fix a problem from a photo, but they do help.  We responded with a 90% chance that we could vastly improve the front panel, and hopefully our Restoration service would tone down this obvious mismatch.  Once given the price options to Restore the front, or do the full Motorhome, the owner opted for us to do the full job.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a patchwork of different whites between the front and the sides.  The sides of this Motorhome are aluminium, the front is GRP, and the rear was ABS.  This many different materials, and the general lack of a regular polish, or a paint protection from new was only helping this inevitable state the job was in before we started.  The current owner had only purchased this Motorhome 12 months prior to us seeing it, and I suspect it looked this way when collected from the dealer.

Now, the way this normally works is a panel will discolour, or go yellow like this, because it’s faded and because the panel is dull, this makes any cleaning very tough.  You end up with a panel that tends to get very ingrained with general grime, and this makes things look yellow as in the picture above.  However…. this job wasn’t like this as i’d assumed from the photo we received.  Yes the front was dull, along with the sides being slightly cloudy, but it wasn’t this dullness that had made this job look as it does above.  Somewhere in it’s life, and not any more than 2-3 years ago, it’s had the full front panel re-sprayed.  I know this for two reasons.  1, the front panels are not a ‘painted’ finish so to speak.  They are a gelcoat finish that’s part of the manufacturing process when these front panels are constructed.  They don’t have a painted texture like this had.  It’s more of a smooth finish because it’s a painted gel they apply into the mould firstly, before the glass matting etc.  This leaves a much smoother finish, and looks lovely when these are brand new.  The second reason I know this isn’t original is simply because it was the wrong colour!  Who ever painted this front panel hadn’t bothered to match the actual colour at all.  This isn’t unusual and I suspect it was possibly painted because it had gone dull in the first place.  Pretty much no one other than Tourershine, can bring back these dull panels, and people give up trying, and have it painted at huge expense.  One of the reasons the painters struggle to match the dull panel, is because it’s dull.  So they match it to the dull yellowing colour and end up with what we can see above.  Common sense would tell any good bodyshop to match it to the sides, but common sense is a rare skill in this industry….



As you can clearly see, we were able to Restore this back to a much better match.  Our Restoration process brought back the shine and with a very heavy machine polishing, I was able to tone down the off colour re-spray.  It wasn’t perfect in our eyes, but it was 100% better.  If this was originally done by us, and not re-sprayed, it would of been a perfect match, and the original finish.  Needless to say, our customer was extremely happy with the finish of her Motorhome, and with the correct aftercare, she shouldn’t need to see us again.  Our Restoration service at it’s finest.