Bailey Senator

One of the most common jobs we carry out at Tourershine, is the unique issues that effect The full Bailey line-up from 2000-2010.  This includes the Ranger, Pageant, and most commonly the Senator.  Most other Caravan manufactures suffer from front and rear panels going dull.  This is mainly down to the fibreglasses used that are prone to UV degradation.  Bailey are slightly different, in they used a better quality ABS plastic on their front and rear panels.  These tend to hold the glossy finish far longer than the more commonly use GRP, that most other manufactures used.  However, Bailey have this specifiic problem with their side panels.  These have a tendency to go what can only be described as ‘cloudy’ and ‘dull’  This can effect different models in different ways.  For example, the Senator may look worse directly below the gold stripe along the sides, where are the Pageant and Ranger are a more consistent top to bottom dullness.  We do have our own theories with this issue, and one of them is to do with the decal glue, (the same glue issue is now effecting the new Alu-tech range)  but these are only theoretical, and as Bailey will often claim either it’s normal for all Caravans (untrue) or they haven’t heard of this issue before (again, untrue) or more likely you just won’t get a response to any enquiry to the manufacture.

Here we have a typical example of how we see most of our Bailey jobs.  Note the dullness, and lack of any reflection on the Caravan.  The lines you can see are often mistaken for the dreaded ‘black streaks’ that plague the industry as a whole.  These are actually where water has run down it’s natural points, and taken the oxidised faded paint with it, leaving lines that are actually shiny, hence what you can see on this picture, and possibly your own Caravan.   This example is a 2008 Senator, and although it’s sdull-senatortill an amazing Caravan, and a very popular model, this is let down by the exterior, making cleaning very difficult, and a general ‘tired’ appearance.  This often leads to owners changing their Caravans after being advised that this appearance is impossible to fix, or more commonly, we hear of stories where owners are given prices that are totally unrealistic, claiming the only fix is a re-spray.(untrue)   Another problem is many owners will try to fix this issue themselves, using a number of different products that claim they can restore the original glossy finish.  In simple terms, they don’t work.. so save your money. These products will do one of two things, either coat over the damage, and last only a few week or, most will only make the Caravan look worse, leaving a ‘patchy/smeary’ appearance.  Worst case, the owners, or possibly other inexperienced companies (including actual dealers) will make the job beyond repair.  This we see now and again and it’s when someone has had a go with a polisher, and the wrong products.  They end up removing the only Restorable tolerance that was on the surface, and going through the paint, exposing the aluminium underneath.  This is then irreversible, and will end up costing the owner £1000’s to fix.  (Around 20% of our yearly work, is rectifying another companies poor attempt)


Thankfully at Tourershine, we’ve been restoring these types of issues for over 8 years now, and pretty much perfected it.  There is only one product that works properly, and this is a product we developed years ago (this is our trade secret)  It’s not just the product that acheives the results we are known for.  It’s also a combination of polishing head consistency, speed of the machine, pressure applied, and several other factors that we use to achieve the finish you can see in the picture below.

The results kind of speak for themselves.  This picture is taken directly with my phone, and not altered in any way.  We’ve been taking pictures of finished jobs for years, and know the best angle to show off the obvious glossy finish.  We’d always tell anyone viewing our photos, to look for a good reflection in the Restored surfaces.


Now, once the jobs are to this standard, we always finish with a high quality wax to protect our work from any future fading.  The finished Caravans or Motorhomes will always be a far easier task for the owners to clean in the future.  This finish will last for as long as the owners maintain them.  This simple aftercare will be explained afterwards, showing the correct methods, equipment, and products to ensure this Caravan stays looking this way for years to come….