More of the same..

Here we are again at another ‘Tiger stripe’ job.

Tiger striping is explained in detail on one of our other blog entries, so I will briefly explain what we mean by ‘Tiger Stripes’  It’s damage that are caused by the use of a cover on either a dirty, or faded surface.  The natural movement of the cover, and the faults on the Caravan or Motorhome surfaces, cause a dark blotchy, stripy effect that cannot be removed without specialist skills and products, such as our Restoration service.

cath1 This photo demonstrates exactly what we can see when we assess a cover damaged job.  The cause of this issue was the fact the Motorhome was faded and dull, and the use of the cover removed some of this dullness in patches, hence ‘Tiger stripes’

This is often blamed on the cover, but it’s not actually the covers fault, it’s a natural occurrence that is unavoidable if you cover a dull surface.  This also applies to a shinny surface, that was covered dirty, where exactly the same effect will be seen, but the opposite way round.  This sounds more complex than it actually is, but once you understand this, it becomes pretty obvious.



Here we have the same bonnet, with half of it restored to show exactly what we mean, and this makes the dullness extremely obvious to the naked eye.  Tiger stripes, fading, swirls, and general tarnishing are all the same to us, and all taken care of with the same ‘Restoration’ service.  As you can see pretty clearly, we are more than capable of returning the factory finish with this process, and stop the issues from happening again with the correct aftercare processes and products.


This is the same job, and this 2007 Cathago now looks as good as new, removing all the damage from the surfaces, then followed with a full coat of wax to prevent it from happening again in the near future.  Once again, our customer was blown away with his Motorhome finish, and told us that it’s never looked this good in all the time he’s owned it…