A weird heading for a Caravan I hear you saying to yourself.  Well, this 2006 Bailey Discovery 100 is one of our normal ‘Restoration’ jobs, with a little more interesting history, that warranted a place in our blog pages.


This Caravan belonged to the DVLA, and was used as a tow vehicle for anyone that passed their driving test after 1 January 1997.  As many people know, drivers that took their tests after 1997, will need to take an extra test to enable you to tow a Caravan.  This is one of the Caravans used by DVLA to test drivers.  Imagine the amount of people that have towed this Bailey!

It was booked in for us to fully Restore, and had all the usual issues that effect the Bailey’s.  Dull sides, swirly front and rear panels, and also the bonus that all the decals had been removed from the Caravan, leaving ‘Ghosting’ on every panel.


The finished job looked as good as new, with just a few knocks and dents that you’d expect with a 2006 Caravan, and even more so, one that had been used to help people pass their towing tests.

A straight forward job, with an interesting background.