The beast of Bodmin Moor..

Ok, not quite an elusive wild cat in the depths of Cornwall, but it got your attention… The first part is true though, it is a beast!  In fact it’s possibly the biggest Motorhome (RV to those who prefer)  that we have ever Restored.  It looks far bigger than the pictures show, or it felt bigger when we were machine polishing it.

bus 1

What we have today folks, is a mid 90s American RV thats constructed using full fibreglass panels.  This job was as we’d expect, dull, tired, faded, weathered, green, and generally in a poor exterior state.  The picture above is after our initial wash off (that took 2hrs) You can see Lee starting the specailised Restoration process, cutting through the years of oxidation and bringing back that stunning factory shine.  Note how the full vehicle has zero reflection, and has the normal matt white finish we see all the time.

This picture shows clearly the top half that we have worked, against the bottom that has yet to be Restored.  It’s always pretty obvious to us as professionals, but the dullness is not alwaysbus 2 to our customers.  This is mainly because they see a consistent matt finish from top to bottom, and because this finish is white, many owners presume this is the finish they came with from new.

In basic terms, a panel would of had a glossy finish from the factory, and we are here to bring that finish back, regardless on how dull a panel has become.  Many of our other blog posts go into depth on how we can fix this issue, how it happens, and how to judge your own surfaces.





Below is the finished job, and I think you can agree, that it looks a lot better.  Compare this with the 1st picture, and you will see the reflections are now obvious.  This job took hours, and hours of machine work, finished with protection to prevent the dullness coming back. The job was extremely satisfying as you can imagine, and when our customers returned to see their RV, they were understandably stunned at the result, and their ‘Testimonial‘ followed shortly after.

bus 3

RV’s are not the most common job we carry out at Tourershine, but we’ve had our share of them.  They are no different to Restore, than any other job we carry out, and we look at the the same.  Yes, they can be a little more expensive to Restore, and this job took the same time as 2 standard Motorhome Restorations, so this is to be expected, but considering our customer looked at potentially Re-Painting this monster, the price was a fraction of this, and the bonus of keeping it original far outweighed the cost, and hassle of a re-spray to achieve pretty much the same end result.